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Backpack Monster Stone Age


Сapacious backpack with pocket.

If you like to put “half of the world” in your backpack – it fits it all.

Inside cotton lining with an inner pocket.

At the back there is a pocket for your computer.


Large: 47 cm / 34 cm / 15 cm

Front pocket 30 cm / 6 cm

Small:30cm / 25 cm /12 cm

Front pocket 20 cm / 5 cm

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This backpack is suitable for both: women and men (unisex)

This one is for those who love comfortable and large backpacks. The backpack is very commodious and can be used instead of hand luggage.

There is an extra big pocket on the front without lining inside.

Backpack handles are made of woven cotton straps. The upper handle is lined with faux leather. Therefore, the product is maximally eco. Zippers are sprayed with eco-friendly paint. They are extremely durable and withstand heavy weight.

Modification of pockets and fasteners is possible on request.
Handmade backpacks which are made of washable paper, otherwise known as eco-friendly leather.

The paper we use for sewing our bags, backpacks and cosmetic bags is specially tanned and tensed, which makes the products extremely elastic and durable like leather which suitable for everyday use, whether it is raining or sunlight.

Such paper is resistant to changes in shape over time. Therefore, it is not necessary to fill the cosmetic bag completely to keep it in shape.

Over time, the paper may bend creating a “vintage” effect

Products can be cleaned with water even in washing machine. All cosmetic bags can be washed in 30 degree water without the use of synthetic detergents. Do not spin in the washing machine. All Tata Paper products can be dried only naturally, not on the heater. For longer use, it is recommended to additionally spray the product with an impregnator.

If you are looking for a sustainable and original gift – Tata Paper will be happy to help.

Women’s backpack Men’s backpack. Unisex backpack. Waterproof backpack

The color of the backpack on photos and videos may differ from the actual color.

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